Find out the excellence of Maison Signore at Sì Sposaitalia wedding Fair for your bridal store

The time has come to present our new 2025 Collections. We chose a special occasion to do that: Sì Sposaitalia Fair, which will take place in Milan from 5th to 8th April.
Since forever, Maison Signore embodies the purest essence of Italian bridal tailoring. An history that is firmly anchored to the traditions of Campania and Puglia, two regions which are the main points of reference in the excellence of bridal industry.

Values that makes the difference.

Our prestige in the Italian bridal industry is demonstrated through:
1. the continuous research of bridal trends. We reveal in advance the needs of the future brides, in order to let you always have in your store the innovative ideas and styles of Maison signore dresses.
2. our retail experience let us already know which collections will have a sure success in sales. If you buy Maison Signore, you can be sure you have a successful tested collection;
3. our collections are created for the multiple identities of the women. A dress for each need. 

Here’s some of the most important news of the 2025 Maison Signore Collections

During Sì Sposaitalia Fair you will finally have the chance to unveil the new Maison Signore collections, ready for your bridal store. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s new.
Since Isabella has always been the collections that celebrates a timeless beauty, a rare form of elegance, the new models are characterized by a greater research for prestige laces with an old-time allure, royal gowns and pearls and precious stones that embellish every single dress.
Sofia is the voice of sensuality and of passion, with a design that is inspired by the energy of neapolitan area. These new bridal dresses will show bold necklines emphasized by embroidered and pretious laces with a new perfect shape design.
Victoria is the collection to suggest to all the brides who love the most pure and elegant tradition, they love the refinement of these fine fabrics (mikado and organdie to mention some) and the extremely detailed designs  of these dresses, embellished with selected laces like dentell and natural silk. 
Last but not the least, Helena is the perfect collection for all those brides that will come into your store looking for a dynamic approach to bridal fashion with items to mix & match to find the best combination of style and personality. The biggest news regarding Helena will be the presence of corsets, inspired by classic French guêpières that will enhance the waistline and the hips.
It is not over yet: skirts and rouches that will bring out modernity and will leave the traditional spirit behind. 

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Maison Signore is for all those bridal stores who can relate to our passion for excellence and the need to offer to their brides the gowns of their dreams, that will be the icon this timeless tailoring art. Sì Sposaìtalia Fair will be the perfect occasion to get to know all the news about our collections and to become an official Maison Signore reseller.