• Made in Italy

    Creative, skilled, caring hands.
    Hands that can describe the story of a passion while giving shape to your dreams.
    Our story, in which heart and hands, devotion and talent, are tied to double thread.
    Dresses finely crafted by the skill of our expert première and designed by the creative vein of our stylists.
    One unique aim: enhance the elegance of women making a tribute to feminine beauty.

  • Excellence

    Precious gowns just like jewels waiting to be worn by a diva, in the intimacy of her boudoir where the soft lights contrast the sparkling embroideries, handmade with the finest and most sought-after fabrics.

    Glamour and luxury are in every stroke, in every detail and manifest themselves in every form, from the most seductive and feminine lines to the widest and most regal ones. A collection that exudes opulence in every detail, for a bride who wants to be the divine protagonist, on the most important day of her life.

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  • Victoria F.

    “Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered”. This collection, designed by Victoria Foraboschi, is ethereal and romantic: you will find out natural silks, trimmings and french lace on dresses that will mold the body with ease and grace.

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  • Sofia Haute Couture

  • Giovanna Sbiroli

    The Giovanna Sbiroli collection is the perfect synthesis of harmonic lines and finest fabrics: satin, lace, organdie, tulle and chiffon. Weave, rouches and embroidery are just few details enhancing any single dress. It’s a romantic and classic collection, but also contemporary and full of charme.

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  • abiti da sposa sartoriali

    Design Privè

  • Our Atelier

    A forty year long history as high tailoring lab. The Atelier Signore has always worked to ensure high quality, detail care and customer service.

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    The Maison Signore brand awareness grew a lot in Italy and, in recent years, even abroad in order to satisfy the romantic and elegant brides.

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